NEW VIDEO: “What’s Greysheet,” You Ask? We Bid The Answer!

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor 

We at CDN Publishing have made it our mission to provide accurate and reliable market data to coin dealers. As our company grows and we begin offering more pricing, market analyses, and other essential information to coin dealers — as well as coin collectors and the entire numismatic community — we want to take a moment to help everyone better understand what our flagship publication, Greysheet, is and does.

To this end, we just released a brand new video highlighting our goals and shows you not only why Greysheet is essential but also why we do what we do here at CDN. In an ever-changing numismatic world, the one thing that has been consistent for more than half a century is the importance of the Greysheet.

While the world has changed a lot since our founding in 1963, we’re still here doing what we’ve always done: ensuring our readers have the best, most accurate, latest pricing information at their fingertips. 

With the evolution of our company, the introduction of new pricing tools such as the CPG® Coin & Currency Market Review and the CDN Pricing App, and further pricing expansions in our print guides and on digital formats, we will continue tirelessly serving the coin industry. It’s a duty we’ve proudly held since 1963 and will continue serving as we move ahead through the 21st century.

As always, we thank you for your support and are grateful for your feedback — you can reach us at We’re here, and we’re listening!