Patrick Ian Perez

What Coin Prices Are The Most Challenging To Gather & Report?

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor

At CDN Publishing, we get a lot of coin dealers and collectors who wonder what coins are the most difficult to price. The truth is, every series has its individual nuances and challenges. There’s certainly no series that is “easy” to price. But most challenging?

I sat down with CDN Publisher John Feigenbaum and my fellow CDN Editor Patrick Ian Perez to hear what their thoughts are on the matter. The answer may surprise you…

Of course, when it comes to the numismatic arena, there is a wide variety of factors that must be considered. Obviously, there are those matters that pertain to the individual coins themselves… Strike, wear, color, and originality immediately come to mind when individually pricing a coin on its own merits. Then come the factors of relative supply and demand. If bullion content is a factor, as is the case with classic silver or gold coins as well as modern bullion coinage, then we must weigh those factors into the mix as well. Reporting coin prices across an entire series for the whole grading spectrum as we do with the Monthly Greysheet and CPG Coin & Currency Market Review introduces yet another layer of arduous effort.

We have many metrics we must consider when pricing coins, and our sources are wide and varied. Our job at CDN is to report the market situation for given coins, and the market is, of course, something that fluctuates on a constant basis. Our job is truly a 24/7 mission, and we’re happy to share with you what aspects of this mission are a little more challenging than others! Check out this clip from our latest episode of our Both Sides of the Coin podcast series to find out which coin market is among the most difficult to price.