New Features For CDNX Member Dealers

By John Feigenbaum, Publisher 

At CDN Publishing, we’re always working to improve our products to give the coin dealer community the very best and most powerful tools for trading coins and currency. And that’s why I’m proud to announce the arrival of the next frontier for us with our new-and-improved CDN Exchange (CDNX).

We’ve added new dealer-exclusive features that will help make it even easier to list and trade items and provide you with unprecedented access to essential marketplace information. Among these enhanced features are:

  • New trading screens for U.S. paper money, with more than 200,000 APRs from Heritage and Stack’s Bowers. APRs from Lyn Knight are also on their way, giving you more access to pricing information than ever before available for paper currency dealers.
  • The ability to places bids on a variety of notes from $1,000 bills to Educational $5s and so much more — market makers, here’s your opportunity to help build and better support your market!
  • Trading screens for modern China issues, allowing you to better track APRs and dealer buy prices for this key and growing area of the market. Those who don’t presently deal in modern Chinese coinage should seriously consider jumping onboard now to expand your industry presence and support the market.
  • Popups with auction prices realized allow you to sort and filter this data by column, making it easier to find and compile information on results for large sets of issues, such as type coins.
  • New improvements to our homepage messaging screen make it easier to communicate and send broadcasts. And we’ve got even more improvements coming soon!

Need more info on how these features work? I’ve created a video that walks you through the new CDNX and how to best navigate these enhanced features and harness the power behind these new tools.

We’re really excited to unveil these enhancements to CDNX. These new features will only make it easier to trade with other dealers and build your business. As always, we’re thankful for your support and hope you’ll provide us with your feedback on the new-and-improved CDNX!