CDN Publishing

New Coin and Currency Pricing in Greysheet & Greensheet

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor

At CDN Publishing, our goal is to bring as much pricing data to users as possible. Since January, we’ve added more than 40,000 prices across a wide range of coins and currency. And we on the pricing and editorial team can’t be more excited to offer this information — much of it never available before — to our growing audience.

In the discussion below from our most recent Both Sides of the Coin podcast, Publisher John Feigenbaum, Editor Patrick Ian Perez, and I discuss what some of these changes are, the challenges of expanding our pricing database, and why we’re working hard at making this pricing data available to our readers across multiple platforms.

Admittedly, the job we do isn’t easy, and it’s filled with an ever-evolving set of challenges and considerations — not surprising given the fluid nature of the numismatic market today. But nothing worth doing is ever easy, and we at CDN Publishing have made it our mission to deliver the most comprehensive array of coin, currency, and bullion pricing around!