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Need Info On Error Coins? Here’s Our Current Pick For A Helpful Resource!

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor 

It seems so many folks want to find out more about error coins — what to look for, how to tell one type of error from another, how certain error coins are made, and the like. We at CDN Publishing are always looking for the best resources to share with our subscribers and followers, and we think we’ve found one really cool website where you can learn more about error coins. Oh, and the neat thing? There are many helpful photos showing you each of these errors! 

The website is for dealer Jim’s Coins, and on their site there’s a really handy photographic encyclopedia with descriptions describing each of the different major types of error coins. It’s a really helpful page that provides you with just what you need to know without getting overly complicated or too technical. Obviously, if you’re looking for more in-depth information on error coins, there is plenty more to be found elsewhere online or in specialized reference books. But there are few better easy-access springboards of info on error coins to be found online than this great guide at Jim’s Coins.

The error coin arena is quite exciting, both for diehard enthusiasts as well as causal collectors. If you know what to look for in pocket change, you might just stumble upon a valuable error that is both rare and worth a bundle of money. And there’s perhaps nothing better than finding a neat gem in circulation that’s also worth a bundle of money! Of course, we’re not suggesting it’s easy to find these rarities; if you’re a longtime collector you know the struggle of finding super-valuable coins straight from pocket change. But if you need an easy-to-digest reference on error coins, you’re sure to find the info you need from the online encyclopedia at Jim’s Coins. So start looking… And good luck!