Long Beach Kicks Off the Fall Season

Labor Day is now in the rear-view mirror and the Fall season has officially begun. Dealers typically see a transition during this time of year as collectors shift from Summer-vacation mode back to their collections. The Long Beach Expo is the first major event of the season, preceded by smaller auctions held by Bonhams and Goldberg prior to the show.

This week Heritage features large auctions in four genres: U.S. coins, world coins, U.S. currency, and world currency. All together, nearly 15,000 lots of coins, medals, and currency will be offered.

During the show, Stacks Bowers will display selections from the D. Brent Pogue Collection, Part II, to be sold on September 30 in New York City. The Goldbergs will also display coins from the Reynolds Collection of Early Date Large Cents, slated for sale in early 2016.

The Market this Week
The market remains quiet at the moment, so we are using this time to correct long-needed areas of the Greysheet, including circulated Morgan and Peace dollars. Of course, the metals are volatile, so there are a number of changes to bullion-affected coins like Eagles and generic gold.

On a positive standpoint, we are continuing to see strengthening in high grade certified collector coins like Mercs, Walkers and Barbers. We are feeling more comfortable the market bottom for coins like this may be behind us, and buyers appear to be more opportunistic about buying coins at current levels.

Changes to this Week’s Greysheet
As we continue to evaluate and improve the layout and the feel of the Greysheet, readers will notice a few changes this week. For starters, we have revised the bullion and foreign gold listings, putting them in a logical order and making them easier to read (see box to the right). You’ll note that we have removed a few issues that are sparsely traded to focus on the more relevant coins.

Thanks to user feedback we have now added an MS66 column for U.S. Gold Type Coins (see below). This omission has long confounded readers, and we hope to add MS66 grades to nearly every series as time and space permit.

Finally, the former Pages 3A and 3B, which cover BU Rolls, Modern Commemoratives, and American Eagles, will no longer alternate between weeks and instead will now both appear every week, and numbered pages 4 and 5 in this edition.

In the weeks to come, you can expect to see much bigger changes to your weekly Greysheet, including a completely new design. As always, we welcome feedback on these changes and other suggestions. Please send email to us at CDN editor.