John Brush ICTA

ICTA Chairman John Brush Talks About The Wayfair Decision

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor 

David Lawrence Rare Coins President John Brush is wearing many hats these days, including the one that sees him as Chairman of Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), a watchdog group serving both coin dealers and coin collectors. Brush, who was elected to his new role in early January 2019, comes in at a busy time for the hobby and for his organization. ICTA and the numismatic industry is grappling with a set of new tax-collecting regulations that have spun off from the landmark Wayfair Vs. South Dakota United States Supreme Court ruling last summer.

The potential fallout from this decision means the possible double taxing of transactions that occur across state lines, financially harming not only coin dealers, but also all merchants. Brush and his team at ICTA, including newly appointed Executive Director Jimmy Hayes, are working day and night to help clarify what these new rules mean and to ensure that coin dealers and our industry are not unfairly affected by these new tax-collecting protocols. In one of our most recent podcast interviews, Brush explains his new role, the impact the Wayfair decision may have on the numismatic community, and what they’re doing to fight back to help both coin dealers and coin collectors.