This year the United States Mint celebrates its 225th anniversary. From the first striking of the 1792 half disme up to the present day, the Mint has had a colorful history. Fortunately, numismatic scholars have written extensively about this history, and much of it is at our fingertips via the Internet. There certainly is no shortage of intriguing stories, without which the collecting of U.S. coinage would be much less interesting. While some collectors and dealers may not be the biggest fans of the contemporary (post-WW2) offerings, they have the ability to reach a tremendous amount of the general population and influence the collecting habits of Americans. In essence, the U.S. Mint is quite likely the world’s largest coin dealer.

Last week, in celebration of this anniversary, the Mint unveiled a new, one ounce, $100 gold coin. Titled, “the American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin,” and struck in 0.999 fine gold, the obverse design is what can be described as contemporary, and has garnered much feedback, some of it negative and sadly insensitive. The reverse, reminiscent of a Gobrecht dollar with its eagle in flight, is somewhat classical. Time will tell via sales figures the popularity of the coin.


Gold Type: With gold spot price breaking through the $1,200 barrier, demand had remained relatively strong for generic gold. Indian head quarter and half eagles see the strongest bidding activity. Still the slowest part of this market is $10 Libs, while demand for double eagles in grades below MS63 is mild at best.
Peace Dollars: We have received a good amount of feedback on this series lately, and have adjusted prices accordingly. Circulated coins post-1927 come down as they have been reportedly trading below our posted levels. Welcome increases are seen for a few dates in grades MS66 and MS67. For this series it is essential that you refer to both the Greysheet and Bluesheet to get an accurate picture of market spread for high grade coins. We see a wide fluctuation in realized prices for coins in the same grade/grading service and it can be hard to understand without a full picture of information.
Proof & Mint Sets: Some minor adjustments for proof sets this week. If you are a market maker in this segment we implore you to post your bids on CDN Exchange.