Greysheet Market & Pricing Update

Upcoming next week is the last major auction of the year, with the Heritage sale at the Houston Money Show being held December 3rd through the 6th. This signature sale features over 3,300 lots of U.S. coins, and is headlined by the Leon Hendrickson Collection. Hendrickson is the well-known founder of SilverTowne, the large coin and bullion dealership. The collection features Indian Head half and quarter eagles and a selection of better date Buffalo nickels. Two coins which warrant attention are the 1909-O and 1915-S Indian Head half eagles. The 1909-O, graded PCGS/CAC MS62, is a known key date and is one of eight pieces to receive the CAC sticker in this grade. Notoriously difficult in mint state, the Hendrickson coin is fully original. The 1915-S is graded PCGS/CAC MS64 and is one of only two coins to receive the CAC sticker in MS64. There is one 1915-S $5 that has been graded at the Gem level, by NGC and none have been graded by PCGS. As the catalog states, “the 1915-S half eagle is perhaps the single most undervalued of all Indian Head gold coins.” Two silver coin highlights in the auction are a Civil War year 1864 Liberty Seated dollar graded PCGS/CAC MS65+ and an 1879-CC Morgan dollar graded PCGS/CAC MS64+.

New Layouts for Type Coins, Eagles, & Modern Commemoratives
This week we have made extensive changes to how we present prices for Type coins. Turning to page seven, we have combined Circulated Type, Mint State Type, and Proof Type into one, easy-to-read table. We have re-labeled many of the coin series so that the entire table is consistent and more descriptive, with the name of the design followed by the denomination. The Proof Type coin prices are inline where applicable, making it easy to price business strike and proof coins on the same page. Also, we have added the much needed AU58 column for all Type coins. Readers will note that the previous Ask prices have been removed in order to execute this improvement.
We have also revised the pricing charts American Eagles and Modern Commemoratives. We combined the silver, gold, and platinum Eagles – Mint State and Proof – into a single table with bid prices thoroughly updated to reflect the current market. This new chart makes it easy to see which coin sizes and finishes were struck in which year. Below them is our new Modern Commemoratives presentation. Here we have made a free flowing table which includes the gold Ultra-High Relief and gold Buffalo coins that were previously in a separated. Prices have also been revised and updated to reflect the realistic wholesale market for these issues.