This month’s rotation of Quarterly II and the Monthly Supplement includes a slew of pricing updates in light of the FUN show last month and more newly added pricing. Also don’t miss an informative article on the Gold Dollar series by Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez in the Monthly Supplement.


20th Century Gold:

We have added prices for the MS66 grade level for both CAC and non-CAC in this segment. The Saint-Gaudens series is very active right now, with multiple collectors putting together sets and some high ticket coins have been trading, including at the FUN show. Indian gold is steady overall, although lower mint state coins continue to be available at auction for value prices.

Buffalo Nickels:

This is a series which experienced soft overall demand in January, although premium pieces found buyers at strong levels. Much of the action is at the MS65 and MS66 levels, and it certainly seems like a time where one can take advantage of a series while it is quiet.

Walking Liberty Halves:

Dealers and collectors of this series will want to spend some time studying the results of the Heritage FUN auction, particularly at the MS67 grade. There were many strong performances, even for dates that have larger population numbers. It is also important to be aware of the Blue-Grey spread when buying mint state coins.


Capped Bust Halves:

Extensive updates in this series, which demonstrates well the current polarization in the rare coin market. Three new grades are added to print this month: XF45, MS61, and MS62. We have also added MS66 prices to our online price guides.

Gold Dollars:

This series has held its own lately, with the key dates being well sought after. For the Type One, we have four new grades added to print: XF45, AU53, AU55, MS61. These same grades (plus more) are available for Type Two and Type Three dates in our online price sources.

Liberty Head Quarter Eagles:

We have added the MS61 grade to print for this series, and we now have pricing for every grade from MS60 to MS65 in print. MS66 pricing will be coming to our online price guide shortly. There are prices for multiple additional circulated grades in our online price guide as well. The demand in the series is concentrated on early key dates and branch mint pieces, and this series hasn’t suffered from the influx of generic pieces on the market.