2019 FUN Show

Good Moods Prevail At FUN Show

By John Feigenbaum, Publisher 

I have to admit it, now in hindsight at least, that — deep down — I was nervous going in to this year’s FUN convention. The 2018 rare coin market, while strong in some places, was decidedly weaker in more. What right did I have to think this show would be strong? Well, metals have moved up a bit in the last 30 days. But I wasn’t convinced a 10% bump in short-term metals prices would turn the needle of a slumpy market.

Turns out I was wrong.

The FUN show actually started out two days earlier with enthusiastic dealers rushing to Orlando to do hotel business. I heard of at least three multi-dealer “trading” rooms that enjoyed robust activity and positive energy.

The FUN show is a significant barometer for the year ahead, and this energy is a great start. On the floor, dealers were energetic and overwhelmingly positive in tone during my conversations. I received a lot of great ideas and some criticisms — all duly noted.

Bob Paul of Bob Paul Rare Coins told me that he “simply cannot find the inventory he needs to satisfy his big customers.” Bob went on to tell me that, “in the areas I deal in, levels are going to go up. They have to. FUN is usually my best buying show of the year, and this year it’s a desert.”