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First CDNX Money Auction On eBay Begins

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor 

We’re very excited at CDN Publishing to announce our first CDNX Members Only eBay event, which launched this past Monday, January 21, and runs through February 4, 2019. This exclusive auction for CDNX members includes coins as well as paper money and is an incredible opportunity for all who belong to the CDNX community on eBay.



It’s easy to take part in the CDNX Money Auction. Simply create coin and paper money auction listings that end anytime during the weeks of January 21 to February 4. For this event, reserve and insertion fees will be waived for this event for any auction listings created January 21st through February 4th. If you are using a reserve, please start the bidding low — bids begets bids. If you would like to participate in the event, please opt in and submit your eBay user ID via the Google form link. If you want to highlight one or two items that you think will have the most “eye appeal” to buyers, please include that in the Auction Inventory List and return to John Feigenbaum and Liz Renfro (  and The Auction Inventory List is only for items that you want to highlight. 



You know what makes trading on eBay so fun? The selection of coins for sale on eBay is extensive, the customer base is diverse, and it’s so convenient. And when you’re part of the CDNX community it’s even better. As a CDNX member, you can enhance your visibility and add credibility to your sales page when the CDN Member logo is proudly displayed by your listings. And when you buy from a CDN Member? You can rest assured you’re dealing with a reputable coin dealer whose a member of a prestigious network of numismatic professionals. CDN members are knowledgeable experts who stand by a pledge to offer authentic coins and coin products and ensure  customer  satisfaction. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, the CDNX community represents a win-win for all! For more information about joining the CDNX community or becoming a member of the CDN Exchange, please drop us a line!