CDN’s New Supercharged Dealer Directory

As part of our commitment to enhance the user experience on the CDN web site, we released a major upgrade to our well-known Numismatic Dealer Directory, or NDD [link].

There are other directories out there, but ours is the ONLY one whose listings are vetted daily and matched up against our subscriber rolls. This means that all listings are active CDN subscribers with functioning operations. Inclusion in the directory is FREE for all subscribers, however, results are sorted by featured listings ($20/mo upgrade) first; and CDN Exchange Members, which further enhances the value of this community.

If you are a dealer who is NOT listed here, contact us at Site members can sign in to manage their logos and other information.

In addition to the directory listings, each dealer has a dedicated page on our site with contact information. In a future release, we will display related news and other information to each dealer.

CDN’s New Dealer Directory. Sample dealer page. Make sure your listing is included!