Online Coin Price Guide

CDN Online Price Guide Becoming More User Friendly, One Coin At A Time

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor

We at CDN Publishing are on a constant mission to make our product better, one day, one change at a time. We feel we’ve made another step in that positive direction with a few recent changes we’ve made to our online pricing guide.

This most recent change is the regrouping and reorganization of several series under new headings in our online price guide, making it easier to find the coin prices you need within certain major categories. For example, under the group called “Bullion” you will find all of the modern eagles, eagle sets, First Spouse coins, ATB 5-ounce coins, Ultra High Relief coins, and Liberty gold coins. Meanwhile, we’ve brought together classic and modern commemoratives under the Commemoratives header. The goal? To make it easier than ever to quickly find the coins you need at your fingertips so you can find in a heartbeat accurate prices for the coins you want to buy and sell.

Of course, our work is never done. In addition to the regrouping of certain coin series, we’re still adding more and more prices on a daily basis. We have nearly 170,000 prices for more than 13,000 individual items, and these figures are growing by the day. Bullion-related items are updated every four hours, and our classic and modern coins series are also being constantly updated. And while our print guides, including Monthly Greysheet, Greensheet, and the CPG Coin & Currency Market Review offer prices for an incredible array of coins and paper notes, what you can’t find in our magazines you’re sure to find in our ever-growing online price guide.

As always, we value your feedback. Please send any pricing suggestions, edits, or other comments to or Thank you for your support!