CDN Continues to Expand CAC Pricing Online — Soon in Bluesheet

This week we announced expanded coverage for CAC coin pricing for the Classic Commemorative series in grades MS66-67. This brings our CAC pricing coverage to the following series:

  • Gold type coins (MS64-67)
  • Dated 20th Century gold coins (Indians & Saints) (MS64-67)
  • Gold Commemoratives (MS64-67)
  • Morgan Dollars (MS64-67)
  • Peace Dollars (MS64-67)

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These prices are currently available on our new pricing pages for subscribers to the Weekly Greysheet. In early October, we will move CAC pricing to the Blusheet, where we feel this data is better represented. When this happens, web site users and print readers alike will be required to have a Bluesheet subscription to view this information.