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Monthly Supplement: RARE COIN MARKET OUTLOOK FOR 2016

The rare coin market has existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It is constantly evolving as contemporary dealers and collectors buy and…

Featured Editorial: My First 6 Months at the Helm of CDN

Over coffee this week, I came to the eye-popping realization that it has already been six months since I took the reins at CDN….


A CDN Monthly Supplement Feature Article by JAMES R. (“JIM”) McGUIGAN, GUEST CONTRIBUTOR.
Introduction : In the October 10, 1997 CDN Monthly Supplement I wrote…

Gem Barber Halves: A Tale of an Avid Collector and His Gem Mint State Set

Barber half dollars represent a most interesting and challenging series, particularly in mint state. These coins are large, beautiful, classic, and difficult to

Walking Liberty Half Dollars: An Analysis

One of the bright spots in a lackluster 2015 has been the Walking Liberty half dollar series. Amongst 20th century silver coinage, this coin…