Bluesheet Market Update

This time of year, the certified coin market slows down as dealers take some time off and mentally prepare for the quick start of the new year at the FUN Show. This year’s FUN show will be held from January 7-10 in Tampa, FL instead of Orlando – an unusual occurrence that happens from time to time due, no doubt, to conflicts with the convention center bookings.
Dealers are reporting to us that the certified market is indeed showing signs of a tightening supply and levels are starting to creep upward. The bottom end of the market is showing strength and we expect that savvy buyers are being opportunistic to take advantage of the lower prices from the past year.
We see tremendous opportunity in a number of areas from gold commems to proof type. Cash flow among dealers is still shaky, so a strong checkbook yields disproportionate buying power in the market right now. As we’ve been saying over the past few weeks, there does not appear to be much downside at current market levels and we expect to see more pluses than minuses in the coming months.

Focus on Gold Commems
Gold commems took a price hit this week as we carefully evaluated their market performance over the past year and there appears to be a ready supply of these on the market at the moment. The good news… there are great deals on these coins for shrewd negotiators and dealers might do well to take this opportunity and promote the series to their clientele.

New Masthead
This week we are introducing our new masthead to the Bluesheet. This new design is representative of the new perspective and renewed focus on market pricing here at Coin Dealer Newsletter. We are also slowly changing the typeface in our pricing tables to make them easier to read.

Classic Commems Get a Facelift; 144-Piece Set Pricing Coming Soon
The first series in the Bluesheet to get the redesign is Classic Commemoratives on page 2. The prices are much easier to read with this new design. Even more exciting, we will introduce prices for all 144 coins in the Classic Silver Commem series with the December 18 Bluesheet. We no longer feel that grouping the 3-coin sets into a single price is relevant or accurate because most sets are either put together, or mismatched for grade. The only way to accurately price the sets is to have pricing data for all three coins individually. This will also allow us to better track pricing movement for the series as a whole.