Greysheet August Cover

August Monthly Greysheet Format Upgraded to Magazine-Quality Paper & Binding

Our readers have spoken, and we have listened. Readers love the huge amount of new content in the Monthly Greysheet, but they don’t love the oversized pages and newsprint that comes off on their hands.

Starting with the August 2018 issue, Monthly Greysheet will be printed in magazine-quality format with full color throughout. Our first three issues (May-June-July) of the consolidated Greysheet, Bluesheet, and Goldsheet newsletters were published on newsprint tabloid, a temporary format that we used until we could identify a print house for our “dream” publication. “Subscribers are going to love the new Monthly Greysheet,” says CDN Publisher John Feigenbaum. “This magazine is the culmination of everything we’ve ever wanted to include in the world’s most important numismatic publication.”

The magazine will have everything you’re now getting in the tabloid-style publication, and it will also offer many more benefits, including:

  1. Smaller 9″ wide x 10.75″ tall page
  2. Color-coded edge printing for easy access to your favorite series
  3. “Perfect,” square-edge binding
  4. Easy size to print for download subscribers
  5. Ink will not come off on your hands
  6. More pricing than ever!
  7. FREE copies will be available to the first 500 dealer requests and new subscribers at the ANA World’s Fair of Money. Stop by and pick up a complimentary issue!

Some readers have complained about the number of ads in the new Monthly Greysheet, so we are removing the cover page ads. We cannot reduce the interior advertisements as the revenue we generate from these ads is critical to our survival, and we feel there is a genuine benefit to dealers who are able to promote themselves through this important publication. We hope you will understand and support the dealers that support CDN!

Please send any feedback and suggestions to so we can consider them!