1996-W Dime

4 Valuable Roosevelt Dimes Worth Looking For In Circulation

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor

Roosevelt dimes have been in production since 1946, and this long-running series is generally affordable – most dates are easily obtainable in circulated and typical uncirculated grades. However, there are several Roosevelt dimes that are relatively scarce and are worth a pretty penny. Even better? With enough looking, these valuable Roosevelt dimes can be found in circulation.

Here’s a rundown of the 4 valuable Roosevelt dimes you should keep your eyes out for in pocket change and rolls:


#1 — 1964 Copper-Nickel Clad Roosevelt Dime

This transitional error coin was struck when the United States Mint was moving from the production of 90% silver Roosevelt dimes to making the ten-cent coin from copper-nickel clad. The 1964 clad Roosevelt dime is a rare coin with only a handful of specimens, and these are worth four figures or more. How do you tell a 1964 clad dime from a regular 90% silver 1964 dime? Weigh it! A 1964 clad dime weighs 2.27 grams (more or less).


#2 — 1965 Silver Roosevelt Dime

Another mid-1960s transitional error, the 1965 silver Roosevelt dime is a rare and valuable piece with only a few known examples. Some examples have sold for $7,000. It’s easy to tell 1965 silver dime from a normal clad 1965 dime with use of a scale that can measure in increments of hundredths of a gram. A 1965 silver dime should register at 2.50 grams.


#3 — 1982 No-P Roosevelt Dime

The “P” mintmark first appeared on Roosevelt dimes in 1980, but apparently some 1982 dimes struck at the Philadelphia Mint didn’t get the message! A number of 1982-dated Philly Roosevelt dimes were struck by an obverse die that didn’t receive a “P” mintmark. These are occasionally found in circulation, and they’re worth the extra bit of searching… 1982 no-P Roosevelt dimes are worth about $65 apiece or more.


#4 — 1996-W Roosevelt Dime

The West Point Mint struck 1996 Roosevelt dimes as a “surprise” offering in 1996 uncirculated sets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular dime series. While 1996-W dimes weren’t issued for circulation, many years have passed since these special collectibles were made, and with the breakup of mint sets – often by non-numismatic heirs who don’t know common dimes from scarce dimes – means many of these pieces are now out and about in circulation. Only 1,457,000 were made, so if you happen to find a 1996-W Roosevelt dime in circulation it’s worth hanging on to. Even circulated specimens can bring $2 or $3.

While Roosevelt dimes aren’t the hottest collectible coins, this only means there are fewer people looking for the scarce dimes listed here in this blog post. All the more opportunity for you to cash in on some valuable dimes that you can pluck right from circulation. Good luck!

Image is courtesy of Heritage Auctions