2019-W Proof Lincoln Cent

2019-W Proof Lincoln Cents Excite Collectors

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor 

The United States Mint has announced the release of a special 2019-W proof Lincoln cent to be included as a free “premium” coin in 2019 United States proof sets. This special coin will be included alongside the other 10 coins ordinarily included in recent US Mint proof sets: the Lincoln cent, Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, the five annual America The Beautiful quarters, Kennedy half dollar, and Native American dollar coin.

The 10 S-Mint 2019 proof coins will be included in two plastic lenses, with the five America The Beautiful quarters in their own lens and the other five S-mint proof coins in another. Meanwhile, the 2019-W Lincoln cent will be issued in a pliable plastic holder, itself housed in an illustrated paper envelope.

This is an historic release as the 2019-W proof Lincoln cent becomes the first United States one-cent coin to bear the “W” mintmark of West Point. It is important to note, however, that this will not be the first Lincoln cent to be struck at the West Point Mint. The West Point Mint struck business-strike Lincoln cents from 1974 through 1986 to help supplement the production of Lincoln cents at the Philadelphia Mint. As those pieces don’t bear a “W” mintmark, they are indistinguishable from the regular Philadelphia Mint Lincoln cents of that era, which also lack a mintmark.

Ordering the 2019 United States proof set? The proof set will be offered for sale for $27.95. Orders will be accepted beginning on March 1 at 12 Noon Eastern. There are no mintage limits and no household limits.