The market for sight-unseen “generics” is showing signs of life, especially in the Morgan dollar and Walking Liberty half dollar series. Additionally, we are pleased to see stability in the auction results as the bottom end of the certified market firms up as buyers indicate they like the value of coins at current market levels. The past 12-18 months have been challenging for many dealers of high-end certified coins, so it’s nice to see stability in these markets start to take hold. At the top end of the market, fresh, high-end coinage that has spent time off the market remains in very high demand. The Pogue IV coins were an excellent example with strong realizations for the best material in this wonderful sale. While this is generally the case with collectibles across all spectrums, the rules of collectibles seem to be getting re-written every week now. It is the opinion of your CDN editors that certified rare U.S. coins rank among the best of all collectibles classes at the moment, especially in the mid-market price ranges of items between $500 and $10,000. The collector base for these items is deep and dealers are more than willing to warehouse these coins until the right buyer comes along. And, most importantly, rare coin dealers work on far lower markups than collectibles dealers in other categories. This benefits buyers and sellers with increased liquidity.

We are pleased to report the CDN Publishing has reached an arrangement with Certified Coin Exchange (CCE) and we will once again report CCE bidding activity on these pages. According to CDN Publisher, John Feigenbaum, “this is a significant step for us as reporters of the rare coin marketplace. Many dealers rely on CCE for their bidding activities and we are excited to report on these values on the CDN publications.” The Greysheet values published today are comprised of market research from CoinPlex, CCE, live auctions, private treaty transactions and other research performed by the CDN editors. Feigenbaum continued to say that “no other numismatic wholesale pricing tool offers this level of research and commitment to accurate pricing.”

Market makers wanted! There are many opportunities to positively influence the numbers on these pages. Enter your sight-unseen bids on CoinPlex or CCE so we can reflect them on the pages here. Email if you have any questions.