This edition of the Quarterly III publication completes our review of every series covered in these pages. Additionally, we have updated Bust $5 and $10 gold and $20 Liberties to catch up with market activity since the March 2016 edition. In total you will find over 1,700 price changes in this edition – more than two-thirds are positive gainers. Some incremental, and some dramatic, as it is evident that many prices have not been updated in quite a while. We have also added (12) new variety listings that we deem worthy of coverage (see Table 1). The good news is you are now holding the most accurate wholesale pricing guide ever generated for $5-$20 gold in the history of the rare coin business. These sheets will make you a more informed buyer and seller and we wish you much success in trading rare coins in this challenging marketplace. As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback at editor@greysheet.com. You will be surprised by our accessibility.

In reviewing the numbers this month, one particular trend stands: Carson City and New Orleans’ Mint gold coins. It’s no secret that CC and O-mint gold are popular with collectors, but coinage from these two mints are almost universally stronger across date and denomination. There are a few exceptions, so we encourage you to study these pages carefully. One has to ask at this point whether these issues are top-heavy now, or still good buys. We cannot say for certain, but as a value buyer, we would recommend you look at the Southern mints of Charlotte and Dahlonega which have not participated in the most recent gains. Scarce and rare P and S-mint gold is also quite undervalued in our opinion with many low population coins trading at very reasonable levels.

Stacks’ Bowers Gallery is presenting the fourth installment of the famous Pogue Collection just days after our deadline this month, so we will report on the results in the coming Greysheet and Quarterly editions. This sale is particularly exciting for Quarterly III readers because there are (38) exquisite half eagles and a single 1838 $10 up for offer. All are of exceptional quality and the famous 1822 $5 will be auctioned for the first time since 1982! This is the sole survivor in private hands and one expects will set a pricing benchmark for many years to come.

Table 1. New listings in this edition of Quarterly III

Early Half Eagles
1811 Tall 5
1820 Curl Base 2, Sm Ltrs
1820 Curl Base 2, Lg Ltrs
Liberty Half Eagles
1846 Small Date
1846 D/D

Early Eagles
1799 Small Stars Obverse
1803 Large Stars Reverse
Liberty Eagles
1842 Small Date
1846/5 O
1854 O Large Date