The certified rare coin market continues to demonstrate stability over the first quarter of 2016. Dealers at shows, internet and mail-order have indicated that levels remain solid and inventory is increasingly difficult to locate at Bluesheet levels.

We don't have a lot of specific activity to report this week but our continuing review of the Mercury dime series shows that the high end of this series has been undervalued on these sheets for quite some time. We are please to report dozens of plus signs in this series, which is typically thinly trades yet highly desired by a niche clientele.

The CoinPlex trading network has seen a sharp uptick in bids posted over the last two weeks as several large market makers have joined the community and placed bids. We are assured that even more are coming soon. If you are not a member of CoinPlex, we encourage you to join.

In the coming weeks, we will have formal announcements regarding CoinPlex, including a renaming of the company. CoinPlex will become CDN Exchange (CDNX) as the trading platform gets a full facelift and becomes more seamlessly woven into the CDN family. Both the printed sheets of CDNX will benefit from this marriage as we will soon offer benefits to members of both, including automatic (and early!) downloads of the PDFs, dealer software and more. Stay tuned as we finalize the details.